Health (132) Low Income / Support (41) Social Services (12) Mental Health / Counselling (84) Substance Use / Addictions (27) Condition Specific Info / Support (65) Youth (7) First Nations (22) Family Life (40) Health Services (75) Abuse / Neglect (9) Education / Employment / Development (8)  
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Community Health and Social Service Programs

Program NameCity
Home Support Program
Home Visiting for Vulnerable Families 100 Mile House
Home Visiting for Vulnerable Families Williams Lake
Homeless Outreach Program 100 Mile House
Homeless Outreach Worker Williams Lake
Hope Air Toronto
Hospital Discharge Support 100 Mile House
Hospital Discharge Support Anahim Lake
Hospital Discharge Support Williams Lake
Immunizations 100 Mile House
Immunizations Williams Lake
Income Assistance - Hardship Assistance
Income Assistance - Immediate Needs Process
Income Assistance - Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment: (PPMB)
Income Assistance - Persons with Disabilities
Income Assistance - Regular
Independent Respiratory Williams Lake
InspireHealth Victoria
Intake 100 Mile House
Intake Anahim Lake
Intake Williams Lake
Integrated Health Promotion
Intensive Case Management (ICM) Williams Lake
Interior Health, Public Health Dietician Williams Lake
Internet Mental Health
Involve Counselling & Consulting Williams Lake
Jeff DiMarco Williams Lake
Jubilee Place Williams Lake