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The mission of the local Action Team is to provide timely access to integrated mental health and substance use services and supports in the Cariboo.

The vision of the Collaborative is to be a powerful engine of change used by children, youth and their families, Ministries, Health Authorities, schools, physicians and communities to shift policies and practices to include children, youth and families in all decisions that impact them (client centred and driven).

The Cariboo Action Team believes that the involvement of children, youth and their families is central to service and support improvements. 

In its deliberations, the Cariboo Action Team will:

Recognize children, youth and families as leaders and guides in prevention and care

Engage children, youth and families by building supporting connections to schools and communities and creating safe environments for supports and services

Honour First Nations culture and the contributions of Aboriginal people in services and support improvements

Evaluate all service and support improvements using data collection, analysis and the recording of lived experiences

Respect the voluntary nature of the participation in the work of the local Cariboo Action Team and the provincial Collaborative

Encourage effective change with courage, constructive candor, respectful relationships that embraces family input, inclusion, patience and advocacy and

Develop effective and sustainable local solutions employing a variety of communication strategies, creativity, innovation, strength-based approaches and accountability

Launch and maintain a robust, multi-sectoral Cariboo Action Team to sustain and initiate service and support improvements
Inventory and describe the current access to local supports and services to identify areas for improvement and action (website development and navigation tools)

Increase the uptake of the Practice support Program Child and Youth Mental Health Module by family physicians and service providers

Increase the number of referrals to MCFD Mental Health practioners

Develop emergency room protocols to improve information sharing and Integrate service delivery with the longer team goal of implementing a local Community Wrap Around Team to provide prevention, intervention, support and services to children, youth and their families

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This program was last updated on 13 Mar 2017.